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高三英语作文 篇1

  Teenagers and Video Games

  These days most adults seem to think that most teenagers spend all of their time playing video games. However, when we surveyed 100 students in our school on the topic of video games, we discovered some interesting results.

  According to the survey, playing video games was only chosen as the third favorite leisure activity, with 22 votes. Also we can see the time spent on it varies from boys to girls. Most girls spent between 0 and 2 hours one day while one more hour went for boys on average. It's apparent to show that boys are addicted to it more easily. Finally, as for the students who were interviewed, 47 percent held the view that they spent less time compared with that of last year.

  It's a good phenomenon, to some degree, showing that the quality of students' leisure time is improving, though we still need to keep an eye on the future trends.

  What do you think of school uniforms Have you ever been to a school which did not have a school uniform Write and tell us about your experiences and opinions. Send your letters to "Chatback" at the CITY MIRROR.






高三英语作文 篇2






  efficiency relieve stress systematically

  How to get prepared for the College Entrance Exam

  The College Entrance Examination is drawing near.____________________




  How to get prepared for the College Entrance Exams

  The College Entrance Exam is drawing near. However, most students of senior three don’t know how to connect rest, doing exercise with study. In their eyes they should sacrifice their rest time in order to get high scores, which results in poor health and low efficiency of learning.

  Just as a famous saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We should be aware that nothing is more valuable than health which is a foundation of success. Therefore, on the one hand, we should fully and systematically make preparations for the exam. On the other hand, we should relieve stress by means of relaxation and doing sports.

  In conclusion, only when we have adequate rest and doing some sports can we study more efficiently.

高三英语作文 篇3

  Is It The Only Way Out To Go To College

  We had a discussion about whether it is the only way out for senior students to go to college.Views vary from person to person.

  The majority of us consider it very necessary to go to college.They think it can widen their knowledge and improve their qualities.Only in this way can they find better jobs after graduation.Very few students,that is about ten percent of the students think it no use going university, because the tuition is too high for their family to afford.What’s more, it’s rather hard for college graduates to seek satisfactory jobs.Thirty percent of the students, however, believe “All roads lead to Rome.” Therefore it doesn’t make any difference whether they go to college or not.

  In my opinion, we can receive a better education at college so that we can serve our motherland.

高三英语作文 篇4

  保护树木Protect the TreesEach year, people burn or cut down 143,000 square kilometers (55,000 square miles) of the forest. People who burn or cut down trees do it for different reasons: farmers cut down trees in order to get more fertilize lands to grow rice or vegetables, and use the woods as fuel. Timber companies cut down trees and turn them into furniture or paper productions. As to goal miners, they remove the forests to find out whether there are goal underground.每一年,人们都会砍伐14.3万平方千米的森林(约5.5万平方英里)。人们砍伐树木出于种种原因:农民们为了得到更肥沃的空地来种植大米蔬菜,砍下的树木用来取火。木材公司用树木来制作家具或是各类纸制品。至于那些开采煤矿的人,把树木砍掉就是为了检测是否有煤矿在下面。

  However, many of us fail to realize that forests are the lungs of the earth. When we cut down trees, we also push ourselves in to a dangerous situation. That is the global warming. When you come to think about it, there are only few ways to solve these negative effects: stop cutting down trees blindly; try to find some clear energy that can replace oil and coal. But these solutions can be impractical to some degreed.然而,我们中的许多人都没有意识到树木等同于地球的“肺部”。当我们砍伐树木时,我们就把自己推入一个危险的境地——会引起全球气候变暖。想到这些,只有为数不多的几个办法可以解决这个问题:停止盲目地砍伐树木;寻找可以代替石油和煤矿的新能源。但是,就目前来看,这几个策略并不可行。

  Why trees can be so important to the whole nature? First of all, trees are the habitat of many animals. When we cut down trees, we not only destroy animals’ habitats but also ourselves. We just gradually destroy natural links. The result is that many spices of animals and plants are dying out. Secondly, cutting down trees cause global warming, to some degree. Naturalists compare forest to human’s lungs. The forests absorb the carbon dioxide and other gas that cause global warming, and then give off the oxygen that good for the human beings and other living creatures. It’s refreshed the air as well as reduced the noise. If the air quality is bad, people may die from cancers, or the new diseases for which they have no immunity. Forests also play an important role in the prevention of natural disasters. Warmer temperatures cause water to expand and also create more water by melting polar ice caps. That’s to say, the nations which near the ocean may have been flooded by the water. But the forests can prevent water loss and soil erosion, and cool off the global temperatures. It’s the key to keep the balance of the nature.为什么树木对整个生态环境都如此重要呢?首先,树木是小动物们的家园。当我们砍伐树木时,我们不仅仅毁掉了它们的家,也毁掉了自己的。一步步的,我们慢慢分解了整个生态链,所造成的结果就是大批的动植物种类灭绝。其二,砍伐树木在某种程度上造成全球变暖。生态学家把森林比作人类的肺。森林能够吸收二氧化碳和其他引起气候变暖的`温室气体,然后转化成氧气供地球上的生物呼吸。树木不仅能净化空气,也能减少噪音。如果空气质量下降,那么人们就有可能死于肺癌,或者是其他致命菌。森林在预防疾病的过程中起到了重要的角色。气温的上升导致北极的冰层融化,水平面上升。也就是说,临海的城市也许会被海水淹没。但是森林就能够阻止水土流失,使气温下降。它是保证全球生态平衡的关键。

  Sometimes people only care about money making; they don’t care about the price we pay for the pollution. When the disaster is around the corner, we may be afraid and frustrated. The earth, on which our economies have always been based, is suddenly threatening our existence. All we hope that is this overpopulated, over industrialized planet can carry on for a longer time. And maybe, it’s time for us to realize that we should protect the earth, stop cutting down trees blindly and madly.有时候人们只关心挣钱,却对我们所付出的代价不管不问。当灾难来临时,我们会害怕、会彷徨。我们赖以生存的地球,却突然变成了威胁我们生命的东西。我们只希望,在这个人口过度、工业过度的星球能继续撑下去。也许,是时候我们应该保护地球,停止盲目疯狂地砍伐树木了。

高三英语作文 篇5

  With the approachment of life in university, choosing a suitable dorm becomes a hot topic among the freshmen。

  As far as I am concerned, renting a flat close to the university will be a smarter choice。 Compared with school dorm, although the cost of 800 yuan per month is an extra load for the parents, it gives you more freedom as you live alone。 Brave and independent as I am, I will be satisfied with this way of live。 In addition, while the school dorm only provides one restroom on each floor, I can enjoy a comfortable bath in the flat。 What comes last is that you will never bother anybody or be bothered by others。 Since I am an early bird, I don’t want my reading in the morning to be a nightmare of my dormmates。

  In conclusion, renting a flat is my best choice。 Of course you can make your own decision, and it all depends。

高三英语作文 篇6

  There are many memorable things, I have had a particularly memorable things, that is my primary school graduation party. Although it is a party, but we are held during the day, may be called "white".

  "The day before the white", we are ready to do the work, prepared a cake, , sound. There are many wonderful programs. The night before, I can't sleep a night, excitedly waiting for the arrival of"white".

  The second day, I went to school early. To the classroom, I saw the classroom four corners of asound and the walls are connected with lights, window adhesive beautiful balloon.

高三英语作文 篇7

  Traveling in our life Traveling now is very popular with everyone. It’s becoming more and more important in our life, and it’s becoming the common activity that most people like to take part in. When we get tired, we would like to have a holiday to enjoy ourselves. When we are free, we also want to go out to enjoy the beautiful nature with our families. When we are sad, we hope to go to the beautiful mountains to breaths fresh air and relax ourselves. In this way we can have a good time and have a great change in our life. We can take a lot of photos, make many friends and enjoy different kinds of nature pictures. The most important is that traveling is good for our health. Traveling is really a very good activity, isn’t it?

高三英语作文 篇8

  The wind gently murmured,puffed and sometimes sighed like a summer breeze lifting the leaves along the livelong night.The cat was curling up quiet in her bed.The mouse was sleeping carefree in his gallery.The dog was lying swwet on the sofa.Even the earth itself was sleeping in tranquility,exept that some house door faintly creaked upon its hinge,telling us a remote inward warmth.Nature was at her midnight work with feathery flakes whirling down in the wind,as if she was showering her silvery seeds over the fields.

  Finally I woke up.The floor creaked under my feet as I moved towards the window.The snow as warm as cotton was lying calmly upon the window sill and the stillness of the morning was extremely impressive.

  The roofs were standing under their snow caps,while the eaves were wearing their glittering ornaments.The trees raised white arms to the sky on every side,and where there was a wall,there were some fantastic forms of snow stretching exhilarated in the dim landscape,as if Nature had carved her fresh desighs by night as models for man's art.

  Silently,I opened the door and stepped outside to face the cutting air.The moon had already lost some of its glow and the land was bathed in a dull mist.A lurid light in the east proclaimed the approach of day while the weatern landscape was bleak with some spooky stillness like a wizard kingdom.What you could only hear was the creepy sounds,seemingly out of the hell----the barking of dogs,the hammering of blacksmith,the lowing of cows and the crying of pigs under the butcher's knife.

  Gradually,the lurid light darkened and spread across the west.Every flower,every tree and

  every weed were bathed in the sunshine.Suddenly,it turned out that all the sounds were not for any melancholy they suggested,but for their twilight bustle which was too solemn and mysterious for me.

  I moved om,treading briskly along the road,the dry and crisped snow crunching under my feet.

高三英语作文 篇9

  I have been to the Hai Nan with my parents this summer. It is a beautiful place.

  I enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air and the beach there.

  Living in there, you can keep in touch with tourists from all over the country.

  People there are quite hospitable and hardworking.

  I would like to go there again.