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高三英语作文 篇1

  I read a article about the memory. I think that it is always true that the older you get ,the less you remember. But the essay said me that it is not true.

  Human beings have amazing memories. We can recall between 20,000 and 100,000 words in our own language as well as possibly thousands more in foreign language.Memory is like a musclethe more it is used, the better it gets.The more it is neglected, the worse it gets.

  But many factors are influencing our memories.Firstly,it is a fact that some people were born with better memories.Secondly, different things are kept in different parts of the brain.Ideas,words and numbers are stored in the lefthand side and images, sounds and smells in the righthand side.Thirdly,unusual experiences can produce chmicals such as adrenaline in our body which can boost memory. The memory is amazing.

高三英语作文 篇2

  I have a dream --I dream that God has a happy life.

  I hope he has a warm house to get out of the bad wweather outside. on his bed, hell have a wondreful pillow--not beautiful buit comfortable. I hope that he has healthy food, maybe some mushrooms, some cabbages, somew eggs, and so on. Oh, I persaude him not to eat any hamburgers, they are rubbish.

  I bless God. I hope that he has an old tree in his yard. Its big leaves are green in summer and turn yellow in autumn, birds build their house in the tree, ants climb up and down for their own lives. God can read under the tree, or he can listen to the trees words---itll tell him a lot, making him laugh or cry.

  My dream is that hell not be too busy to smile. I wish for a beautiful earth, which hasnt pain, hunger or wars, and which is only filled with lovely smile and sweety tears. then my dear God will be able to have a good bath and a goood sleep---for many years he cannot do this quietly.

  Every night , I have the same dream , i dream that God can have a happy life and hope its not only a dream...


高三英语作文 篇3

  The wind gently murmured,puffed and sometimes sighed like a summer breeze lifting the leaves along the livelong night.The cat was curling up quiet in her bed.The mouse was sleeping carefree in his gallery.The dog was lying swwet on the sofa.Even the earth itself was sleeping in tranquility,exept that some house door faintly creaked upon its hinge,telling us a remote inward warmth.Nature was at her midnight work with feathery flakes whirling down in the wind,as if she was showering her silvery seeds over the fields.

  Finally I woke up.The floor creaked under my feet as I moved towards the window.The snow as warm as cotton was lying calmly upon the window sill and the stillness of the morning was extremely impressive.

  The roofs were standing under their snow caps,while the eaves were wearing their glittering ornaments.The trees raised white arms to the sky on every side,and where there was a wall,there were some fantastic forms of snow stretching exhilarated in the dim landscape,as if Nature had carved her fresh desighs by night as models for man's art.

  Silently,I opened the door and stepped outside to face the cutting air.The moon had already lost some of its glow and the land was bathed in a dull mist.A lurid light in the east proclaimed the approach of day while the weatern landscape was bleak with some spooky stillness like a wizard kingdom.What you could only hear was the creepy sounds,seemingly out of the hell----the barking of dogs,the hammering of blacksmith,the lowing of cows and the crying of pigs under the butcher's knife.

  Gradually,the lurid light darkened and spread across the west.Every flower,every tree and

  every weed were bathed in the sunshine.Suddenly,it turned out that all the sounds were not for any melancholy they suggested,but for their twilight bustle which was too solemn and mysterious for me.

  I moved om,treading briskly along the road,the dry and crisped snow crunching under my feet.

高三英语作文 篇4

  Sea pollution is becoming an increasing problem for our planet and we have a responsibility to reduce sea pollution.

  I need to describe the problem. Our ship currently dumps all its rubbish into the sea.It's easy to result in huge endanger.

  First of all, Non-organic substances such as plastic bags kill fish and whales. Because fish get trapped and whales cannot digest them. Secondly some rubbish is inherently toxic.

  I can suggest some solutions. First and foremost we can create a better system of disposing of rubbish for instance.

  We ought to store rubbish. Next, we are supposed to make ships environmentally and friendly.

  A case in point is that we should stop providing plastic bags.

  We must act now before it is too late!

高三英语作文 篇5


  Globally, we have moved from a culture centered on network television, cable, AM and FM radio and telephone into a digital society with mass media,streaming information, intelligent computer.To shift to a digital economy, best demonstrated by the explosive growth of the Internet, is transforming everyday products and practices.Ideas expressed in soft wares, chips, communication systems, financial institutions and mass media have enormous leverage worldwide.Beyond emails and online shopping, the Internet promises to change dramatically huge spectrum activities.Its benefits can be well illustrated in the following aspects.

  在全球范围内,我们已经从一个文化中心为网络电视,有线电视,AM和FM收音机,电话的社会进入到以大众媒体,信息流,智能计算机的数字社会。转变 成数字经济,最明显体现在互联网的爆增,它正在改变日常产品和实践。思想体现在软件,芯片,通信系统,金融机构和大众媒体拥有巨大的全球影响力上。除了电 子邮件和网上购物,互联网还承诺大改光谱活动。它的好处可以在以下几个方面说明。

  In the first place, it contributes to escape us from laborious work, save our time, facilitate our lives.Secondly, with computer’s extensive reach into every corner of the world, a perspective of human life can be shown only with a single keystroke.No matter where we are, in school, business workshops, operating rooms, labs, banks of halls of government, the Internet appears to reflect a perspective of human life.Furthermore, computer profits us by relaxation and entertainment it provides.

  首先,它有助于我们摆脱费力的工作,节省时间,方便了我们的生活。其次,计算机的广泛延伸到世界的每个角落,只需一个单一的按键就可以透视人类生 活。不管我们在哪里,在学校,企业车间,手术室,实验室,银行政府大厅,因特网似乎都可以反映人类生活。此外,电脑不仅提供放松和娱乐还有利润。

  But on the other hand, some people debate that it is also inconvenient, waste the time, isolated us from people, and make our lives more complicated.Some people repair the most sophisticated computer but can’t mend a pair of socks.Yet in fact, computer collapse the distances and demolishes all boundaries.Whether computer is a blessing or a curse, depends on different circumstance and the way you use it.<


  As a new millennium appoach, we look forward to constructing a new fantasy land by combination with the wealth this new age will bring and the high technology it will provide.


高三英语作文 篇6

  I was walking to school this morning when I caught sight of an old woman with a walking stick lying on the ground. I quickly ran over to help her up and asked her what was wrong with her. She told me she slipped and fell due to heart trouble. I was worried and decided to take her to a hospital. And then I went to a department store near the hospital and contacted her family. Soon her son and daughter came to the hospital. They thanked and praised me for my kindness by writing me a thank-you letter. Although I was late for school today, I felt very proud of what I had done.

高三英语作文 篇7


  1. 生活安排

  2. 学习计划

  3. 理想的大学及专业


  1. 字数100左右;

  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

  3. 开头语已为你写好。

  My last year in the senior high school has already started.

  One possible version

  My last year in the senior high school has already started. I need to balance both my life and study in order to make it colorful and meaningful.

  I strongly believe that doing sports every day may build up my body. Besides, communicating with teachers, parents and friends can be of great help to reduce my pressure. As for my study, I’ve made a practical plan to follow strictly. I should also overcome my shyness to consult the teachers if there’s something making me confused. What’s more, to improve physics is the most urgent because I have to make a solid foundation for my dream university — Cambridge, where I would like to major in physics.

  I really hope that my dream will come true through my persistence and diligence.

高三英语作文 篇8

  How time flies!This is the last year I have been studying at high school and the entrance examination for college is drawing near.Having seen off the summer vacation,I must face up to the new term for the beginning of the Third Grade,senior.Saying goes that a good beginning is half done,so I should pay close attention to the study program for the first two months,September and October.Firstly I should concentrate my attention upon the major subject.Besides,some of my weak points in certain of the subjects should be paid more respects.The most important is that I cannot ignore taking exercises in the least.The next year will be my life turning point.At the end of the next term,I am to graduate from school.I want to further myself on XX specialty,and I'm going to register myself for the examination to XX University.Therefor,I must get ready for the target.