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冬天英语作文 篇1

  I was born in Guangdong, the southernmost province in mainland China where in winter the temperature seldom falls be low 5C. For the past 19 years, I had never seen snow. I couldn't remember from when I had been dreaming of seeing a real snow, and experiencing a bleak winter.

  我出生在广东,在中国大陆最南部的省份,在冬季温度极少会低于5度。在过去的19年里,我从未见过雪。我不记得从什么时候开始我梦想看到真正的雪,经历 一个荒凉的冬天。

  Before I entered the university, I had never expected the climate difference of Shanghai and Guangzhou. But as October came, the falling golden leaves and the chilly winds indicated that this winter would be cold.

  在我进入大学之前,我从来没有预料到上海和广州的气候差异这么大。但到 十月,落下金色的叶子和寒冷的风暗示着今年冬天会很冷。

  October walked away in the whisper of the falling leaves.Winter approached in November, and then December.

  十月,走在落叶的沙沙声中。冬天在十一月就来 ,然后十二月。

  The dazzling golden color already faded away, leaving only the bare branches sticking out into the frosty air. Grass that was once as thick as a fine cardigan carpet could no longer be found anywhere. What I saw were the slushy fields which were jade green in September.

  耀眼的金色已经消失,只剩下赤裸的枝条在寒冷的空气中伸展。草曾经像细羊毛地毯一样厚,现在在任何地方也找不到 。我所看到的是九月翠绿色泥泞的田野。

  I considered it a great fortune to watch the sun, which was mild, jumping off the horizon and into those bare branches.Even on sunny days, the temperature was still low. The campus was left deserted and lifeless.


  Was this what I had been longing for? Could it be called a bleak winter? I thought I should feel satisfied. Shanghai is still in the south. I couldn't expect more. But there was still some thing in my mind, as it was only one step to my dream. I prayed every day for a snow. A slight one could be enough. Once again.God heard.

  这是我一直向往的吗?它可以被称为一个寒冷的冬天?我想我应该感到满足。上海仍在南方。我不能期待更多。但仍有一些东西在我的脑海里,因为它只是我梦想的第一步。我每天都在祈祷下雪。一场小雪就可以 。上帝再次听到 。

  I'll never forget the morning of Christmas. On my way to the library, a white elf found its way into my coat. It took me more than a minute to realize what was happening. Believe it or not, it snowed. Suddenly I understood why God took all the signs of life away in winter. He must have been clearing up a stage for his spoiled kid snow.

  我永远不会忘记圣诞节的早晨。在去图书馆的路上,一个白色的小精灵跑到我的外套上。我雪花 超过一分钟的时间才意识到发生 什么。信不信由你,下雪 。我突然明白 为什么上帝在冬天把所有的生命迹象都带走 。他一定是清理一个舞台来给他宠坏的雪孩子。

  Tears welled up in my eyes, for my thankfulness to God and to the special, bleak winter.

  泪水涌上 我的眼睛,我感谢上帝和特别的,寒冷的冬天。

冬天英语作文 篇2

  Snow, in the winter, "white angel", I have a pure love for her. She is so white and flawless like the sky clouds; she was so beautiful, like nature, like flowers fresh; she is so gentle, like silent fluttering like catkins!

  The snow is like sugar, but not sweet; like the MSG, but not fresh; like sea salt, but not salty. Like white, like a duck, like a feather, like pear petals, like...... Large and small, are in the endless sky wave landing.

  The snow drifting profusely and disorderly, falling down constantly, like who is in the air accidentally broke the bottle, the splash of broken jade fluttering in the air, constantly changing with various steps, like wearing a White Chiffon Dress little girl in the dance. For a moment, the earth covered with snow, dead branches hanging on the shiny, fluffy snowflakes, even the wrinkles have been filled, transformed into a jade coral.

  Looking through the window, light snow is more like a cute little ballerina, on tiptoe, gently flutter in the embrace of the earth, embracing the boundless wilderness, hills and blocks of houses, kissing at the foot of the solid ground, with her elegant posture belies the sounds of the world, making it the oldest land the more lovely magic.

  The house, on the road, the branches, the land covered with thick silver white winter. From afar, connected world, hillsides, fields, square, the ground was covered with heavy makeup in white, like a thick carpet down, all around the world snow-covered landscape. The plants in the garden are not needed to test it, sneak into a thick quilt, hid in the White House.

  Much better!

  How elegant white!

  Look around, all tangled up with a piece of white, the trees stand in the cold wind, thick thin, tall, mimizaza. Among them, often leaves the snow because the foliage piled up round a ball, looking like a full white camellia tree.

  The magic figure of snow, so lightly, dance is so elegant, every piece is so crystal clear, like a song good.tactfully,Ming Li poem.

  Snow - you are the "angel in white" in the winter, you are so pure and flawless, I will always be with you the most pure and beautiful love!











冬天英语作文 篇3

  The winter is coming, the weather is cold and cold. The snow is great, you see, the roof, the ground, branches are covered with white snow. When the snow covered the earth, small animals do not want to play out. Even the birds who love singing do not go out at home. The frog is smarter, it dug a deep hole and hibernate in it! But the kids can not be afraid of the winter. They think the winter can be fun! Can fight snowballs, you can snowman ... ... I also love the winter, I would like to draw a beautiful picture for it.

  You see, a few small sparrows in the snow twitter jumping, not a moment, white silver bright snow, leaving a dense small claw printed son. Deep and shallow.

  The pine trees on the distant mountains live in red silver, flashing the catastrophe of the sun, silver shiny, bright, charming drunk eyes.

  What a lovely winter!

冬天英语作文 篇4

  The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的冬天)

  {3}This is the rainiest winter I have ever passed. During this long period I heard all kinds of complaints whenever I went out, coming mostly from merchants, farmers and, especially, students. The weather, however, didn’t bother me much, for what interests me most is reading indoors. This winter I spent most of my time staying in my small attic, enjoying reading my favorite books and sometimes, if I got tired of reading, watching the beautiful scenery outside the window overlooking a small river close by my house. On those rare occasions when the skies cleared up I would direct my gaze to those

  The Rainiest Winter(最多雨的冬天)

  {4}This winter is the rainiest winter I have ever experienced. Since last December the rain has been falling almost unceasingly. The cloudy and weeping sky was a depressing sight to me most of the mornings; still, I had to put on my raincoat and start my motorcycle so that I could report to work on time. The weather bureau said it had registered a record rainfall in eighty years. Eighty years? This is the first time my grandma has seen such a long spell of rain! The farmers are sad, worrying about the stunted rice plants in the rain. The housewives frown at the soaring price of vegetables. Furthermore, if you have a little baby, are sure to get into a lot of trouble. It takes a long time to have the diapers dried--not really dry but still a little damp. Do you want to buy a dryer? Sorry, It’s not available at the shops. The only way around this problem is perhaps to buy many "Pampers." Despite people’s complaining, praying and hoping against hope, the rain has gone on almost without any letup. Everywhere you could hear people say, “It starts to rain again” or “Oh, such lousy weather!” or something like that. Although most people feel bad after such a long period of rain, there are some who are actually happy about this freaky weather. The taxi drivers, for example, have gotten an income thrice as much as what they usually get. The gloomy days have lasted so long that I can hardly remember when last saw the beautiful golden sunshine. One day my three-year-old daughter asked me, “Mama. How come the book tells me the sky is blue, but it is not?” I simply didn’t know how to answer her.

冬天英语作文 篇5

  As if never sample cold today, my sister and I never like to wake up so early today.

  I discovered one goggle is gone with the wind with the snow outside the window, big one big one.

  I cried: "snow." For the first time see the snow.

  In fact, this will be the last time we saw the snow. There is a old man excited speech on TV last night. What he 'UN polar governance committee, he tells us; The inhabitants of the earth will never be cold to say goodbye, as long as spend this last winter. According to the theory of what, what equipment do use spent many countries on how much money... These we didn't be careful to listen to more, also not understand, understand, into the heart is only a word; This is the last winter.





冬天英语作文 篇6

  The girl of winter quietly came to the world and brought something beautiful. It did not spring nor summer birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, passionate; no autumn fruit harvest, and winter, but silent, brought laughter to people.

  The winter wind blows, the snow drifting profusely and disorderly land falling down, like a fluttering white dish. Some snowflakes like brown, and they fall on tiles. Some snowflakes like silver gray, and they fall on the ground. Other snowflakes like green, and they fall on big trees.

  The campus, came the laughter, some playing buddy buddy playing some snowball fights, snowmen, their action is skilled, very fast a snowman Snowman doll, I have a nose, a clever little boy picked up a stick, the snowman had a nose, a snowman and everyone sing and dance around.

  Winter brings the earth incomparable beauty, bring us a lot of fun, I love winter.