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我的朋友英语作文 篇1

  I have many friends, but Jim is one of my best friends。 He is not handsome, but kind—hearted。 We know each other at primary school。 He was the tallest in our class at that time。 He is good at study and playing basketball, while bad at playing table tennis。 Everytime he has delicious food, he will give it to me。 Moreover, whenever I feel sad, he will play with me and comfort me。 However, he is not spoilt me。 For example, everytime I meet difficulties in study, I would like to copy his, but no matter what I say, he never give his homework to me to copy。 Instead he teaches how to do it。 All in all, no matter what difficulties I meet, he will help me。 It is him make me realize that a friend in need is a friend indeed。

我的朋友英语作文 篇2


  My good friend is Zhang Yachun. Her eyes are big and round, bright, like the black pearl, beautiful black hair, like the stars in heaven, the skin white and tender, like a baby, love is.


  Ya Chun's personality is very optimistic, have fun, and I would share a bad mood, I will also share with her. Her body is very soft, very easy to split up, so we are very envious of, in the sports course performance is impressive, not only that, even the daily life of people are courteous, considerate to others, like a sweet little angel, everyone's favorite to win.


  Remember the first time we kindergarten, she is always tightly holding my hand, took me and walked up and down, at that time, I feel like sisters, I am impressed. Every time I go to her house to play Bobbi doll, she is the most beautiful to me, I really admire her spirit of comity, because I can't do that, I think she is a considerate, considerate and sensible person.


  I'm very glad to have such a good friend, I hope we will keep warm friendship, become the best memories of childhood.

我的朋友英语作文 篇3

  Ben is my best friend.He loves sports very much.He is good at Math and English.He is a good boy.He always helps other students.Now,he is the tallest in our class.In 15 years’ time,he will be taller and heavier.He will be goodlooking .He will be 195 centimetres tall.He will weigh 76 kilograms.He will not wear galsses.He will possibly be a policeman or a fireman.

  He says that this only is a dream.He will try to make his dream come true.

我的朋友英语作文 篇4

  My friend and I are good friends.she is shy and I am outgoing.she likes studying English but I like studying math.she has long straight black hair and I have short curly blackhair.she likes playing football but Ilike playingbasketball.we are still friends.

  She is always studies home but I always study at school because it is very interesting.I like watching action moves but she likes watching the TV show she has big eyes and she likes wearing jeans but I like wearing shirt.she usually helps me in my study

我的朋友英语作文 篇5

  我的朋友和家人 My family and my friend》

  My name is Liu Yang . I’m twelve years old . I have a big family .My father is a teacher and my mother is a teacher ,too . My grandpa is a worker and my grandma is a worker ,too . Sometimes my mother and I go shopping . I like reading books .I have sixty books in my home . My grandpa is not very old . He likes watching TV .We are very happy.

  Shen Ziwei is my friend .She is twelve years old, too . We are in the same class.She is beautiful .Her hobby is playing the piano and reading books .

  At school , she plays games with me . We are good friends .We have a good time every day.




我的朋友英语作文 篇6

  My good friend is Wu Yantong. He has a round head, a small mouth, a pair of big ears and round eyes. We play football, dinosaurs, homework and books together. Its characteristic is that as long as others take his snowflakes, he will always cry. Others laugh at him loudly, and he cries even more. We can't learn like people with thick faces.


我的朋友英语作文 篇7

  I have a good friend, we met each other when I was five years old. She is my neighbor and the first time I saw her, she smiled at me. It was her smile that made me feel she was a nice person to get along with. Indeed, she was a reliable friend. When I was in trouble, she would be the first person to give me a hand. Once I lost my key, when she heard, she tried hard to help me remember where I lost it. I am so lucky to have her as my friend. It is hard to meet someone who can make you feel safe and she is the one. She is the angel in my life.


我的朋友英语作文 篇8

  Zhang Dong is my best friend. He entered our class last semester. He is a boy. Both of us are good at English, so we often have a chat in English in our spare time. After school, we often play football together on the playground. He runs so fast that I can not catch up with him. He is an excellent student. He not only gets good marks in all subjects but also is very kind and modest. He loves popular songs and also classical music.

  There are three people in his family and he is the only child. His father is a doctor and his mother is a Beijing Opera actress. Though Zhang Dong's family is wealthy, he is usually simply dressed. He has a dream which is to be a lawyer.

  Such is my friend, a clever and kind boy. He is highly praised by the teachers and students.

我的朋友英语作文 篇9

  Written by Nie Yunting

  My friend is Lu Ning. She’s a girl. She’s a student. Her eyes are big. But her mouth is small. And she has long hair, big ears. She likes dancing and writing very much. She is very lovely and beautiful. She’s my good friend. I like her very much.

我的朋友英语作文 篇10

  My good friend Nie You male, she is the class monitor of our class.

  She has a pair of watery eyes, round face is always hung with a sweet smile, there is a long black hair, often wearing pink clothes, walking to a floating a floating, special Lively and beautiful. She is learning very well, very generous, I will not do that she will tell me. Get out of class, we play five steps with the cat game, she often let me.

  She is my best good friend, I like her very much.