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英语我的爸爸作文 篇1

  My father is a great person. He is a hero in my heart. He is tall but not strong. He is a driver. He often talks a litte and seems that he is serious. Actually, sometimes he is real serious. In my memory, he never hits me except once.

  It is because I ignored their forbidding to go swimming in the river alone. I was so sad as my father hit me. But now I understand that it is because he worry about me. Moreover, although our family is not weathy, he will give all the things that I want to me. And he works hard to support our family. I know that he loves us and we also love him.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇2

  Mom often said that Dad was a nerd. I see my father is also like a nerd, but it should be called "big book fans" fishes.

  Dad every time to go to work, sitting on the bus, have to take a book, if there is a seat, he sat down, he immediately took out a book to see. Once, because the book is too fascinated, the car opened 2 points, only to think of the get off, the results had to take the return of 2 cars, and then to the company to work, to the company said to colleagues, colleagues Said: "You are a 'book fans' ah!" Every day after lunch, as long as there is a free, he immediately took out the book to see.

  Another time, my father, the "book fans" also made a big joke, that day, my father came back from work, eat dinner, and got into his study, won his book, look ah look. Suddenly, the study of the cabinet on the table clock "Dangdang" even knock on the next seven, my father took the bag, hurry out from the study. Mom asked puzzled: "Where are you going?" Dad said: "seven o'clock, go to work, do not go late!" I listened to the side of the secret smile. Mom opened the curtain and said, "You look outside." "It was seven o'clock at night." Dad scratched his head. Mom said: "You are a big book fans, twilight down friends." Dad heard their own laugh.

  Dad likes to read books, has been accustomed to. But my mother is also often to my father said: "My glasses have to deepen the degree, do not read it again." My father? He just smiled, for a while put the mother's words thrown into the clouds. Every night, he must see the night to sleep.

  Dad is a "big book fans" ah! I want to learn from him, to be a "little book fans."

英语我的爸爸作文 篇3

  My father was born in 1962, in He Bei. He began working at the age of 22. He is good at English, Math,

  Music and PE, but he doesn't do well in science. He likes sports very much. Volleyball is his favorite.

  He is an English teacher now. My father is outgoing and humorous that his students all like him very much. He is kind but strict. I love my father.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇4

  Between my father and I have a lot of secrets, sometimes I accidentally made a mistake, my father will help me.

  Once again, when I was in temperature broke the thermometer. I went to the father said: "right, I broke the thermometer, you are quick to help me think way! Grandpa know will scold me!?" "Don't worry, I'll go and buy a, until I come back you don't let them find thermometer is broken." Dad said to me naughty wink. "Then, you go to quick return!" I said.

  Finally, dad come home before grandpa didn't find, I am holding a thermometer, thought to myself: father was too good to me! I love my dad!

英语我的爸爸作文 篇5


  My father is thirty-six years old this year, he is very handsome, tall body, total love cropped hair, black eyebrows with a pair of bright eyes, high nose, smiled his white teeth, dark skin, I often jokingly said: "you are so black as Africans, ha ha."


  My father was kind and stern to me. Whenever I got one hundred points, Dad kept hugging me, praise me, buy me a gift when I got ninety below two, Dad let me stand, and speak out the wrong reason to ask, I forget to write the name of an examination, the teacher gave me a sentence of zero and after school, my father very angry, asked me to stand for an hour in the downstairs, let me always remember this lesson.


  I remember my father often told me that when he was young, because the family was poor and did not go to school, so he is very painful, very high expectations for me, I hope I cherish a better learning environment, he gave me the name 'may' to which. Every time I do my homework, my father takes a book and sits next to me to see what he does. It makes me realize that people are never too old to learn. Dad, I will not live up to what you expect of me. Here, I want to say to you: "you are laborious, I love you."."

英语我的爸爸作文 篇6


  My father is a very handsome man. He has a round head, which looks like a big watermelon. His ears are big and thick. I think they are very similar to Maitreya Buddha's. Dad's eyes are deep, his nose is high and straight, and he always wears a pair of black framed glasses, which looks like a college student.


  My father loves innovation. He always likes new dishes. His innovative new dish looks very good, but it's actually not very good to eat and it's hard to swallow.


  I remember one morning, when I was going to wear socks, my father found two socks with different colors for me, but my mother found them. Mother said angrily, "why did you find two different socks?" My father replied solemnly, "we are going to wear different clothes from others. Why do we have to wear the same clothes?" I think what my father said is very reasonable, so I put it on happily, which makes my mother stare at me.


  My father is very learned. He often tells us historical stories at dinner. Dad is drinking a little wine, and he always tells fascinating historical stories with action. Every time I listen to it, I am very engaged. Mom listens and asks questions. Dad always answers them. How about, is my father a great talent?


  If you ask my father what is his hobby? Ha ha, of course, drinking! Look, his drunken look is funny. Because he can't stand up when he's drunk. Every step he took was shaking. It was like walking on the moon. There was no gravity, so my mother and I hurriedly supported him. Every time he gets drunk, he likes to play my head, hug me hard and pinch my face. I tried my best to avoid it, but he still came after me. What's more, he is drunk and often talks nonsense, which is hard to understand.


  In addition to drinking, my father also likes smoking. He has to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. He often hid in the toilet and kitchen to smoke, and his mother was annoyed. I also advised him to give up smoking many times, but he didn't listen to me, which made me helpless.


  This is my father. What a lovely and funny person he is! But smoking and drinking really upset my mother and me!

英语我的爸爸作文 篇7

  My father is forty-three years old. He is a teacher. He works very hard. He always wears a yellow coat and a pair of blue trousers. He like doing sports and he likes basketball best.

  My father loves me very much. He cheeks my homework every day. He often buys delicious food for me. On weekends we often go to the park with my mother. I love my father.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇8


  My father is a good father. He is eight meters tall. He has many wrinkles on his face. He always has foul words. Once he went to a bar and got drunk and came back. Bath, and even shampoo and shower gel are not clear, and the result, the shampoo into a bath lotion, change the shampoo into a shampoo, and today is very cold, he will use cold water to take a bath.


  When sleeping, often talking in your sleep, sleep again, call me playing computer, to wake me up, I look at the time, said: "this is how ah? I woke up only at three in the evening." It was an alcoholic, arguing about me. Who do I think it is?.


  Then he spit foaming, spit onto the ground, even wine spit out, when he finally awake. This is my father, believe me, then come and see, my father fires more than the queen mother. You say, my father is not a good father?

英语我的爸爸作文 篇9

  Dad grew up in a single parent family, perhaps this is not perfect family created his father's reticent character. Until there is me, my father will always have some smile.

  Perhaps the boy's heart and personality accounted for the upper hand, my father earnestly told me reason, I always disdain, turn a deaf ear, or severely refute a pass. In this regard, my father just silently smoking. I thought it was naive. Can learn no father's urging, the results naturally fell. At that moment, although my father did not hit me, but the death of the general silence, desperately smoking, my father greeted his face showing disappointment look. I am determined, must be in the study and life to achieve success, by praise. Let my father show a rare smile.

  Dad's smile is more out of my sensible. That day at noon to eat fish, my father was a big fish caught, rice balls, water, steamed bread swallowed, are of no avail. Cross here is painful, my father kept moaning. I am very worried. Home school at night, I still do not worry that hateful fishbone, even homework is also absent-minded. Dad a home, I asked: "Dad, the fish did not go down?" "Go on!" Dad smiled, it seems very satisfied. Then I went to the study to get the book, I heard my father kept saying: "I am very happy today, because the daughter said a concern!" I suddenly realized that I should often give my father more care, so that my father has Sweet love and happiness!

  Dad, your smile is an indispensable part of my growth. It makes me feel warm and happy. As your daughter, to see your white hair gradually increased, I must hard work, make achievements, so that your smile often!