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英语我的爸爸作文 篇1

  My father is 38 years old. he is tall and thin. People like him very much, because he is so kind and he always smiles. I like talking to my father. he always can teach me a lot. he is a worker, working in a company.

  We have weekends stay together. We often go out for the weekends. Father says it’s good for us. he is a good father and also a good friend.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇2

  My father is a great person. He is a hero in my heart. He is tall but not strong. He is a driver. He often talks a litte and seems that he is serious. Actually, sometimes he is real serious. In my memory, he never hits me except once. It is because I ignored their forbidding to go swimming in the river alone. I was so sad as my father hit me. But now I understand that it is because he worry about me. Moreover, although our family is not weathy, he will give all the things that I want to me. And he works hard to support our family. I know that he loves us and we also love him.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇3


  My father is a good father. He is eight meters tall. He has many wrinkles on his face. He always has foul words. Once he went to a bar and got drunk and came back. Bath, and even shampoo and shower gel are not clear, and the result, the shampoo into a bath lotion, change the shampoo into a shampoo, and today is very cold, he will use cold water to take a bath.


  When sleeping, often talking in your sleep, sleep again, call me playing computer, to wake me up, I look at the time, said: "this is how ah? I woke up only at three in the evening." It was an alcoholic, arguing about me. Who do I think it is?.


  Then he spit foaming, spit onto the ground, even wine spit out, when he finally awake. This is my father, believe me, then come and see, my father fires more than the queen mother. You say, my father is not a good father?

英语我的爸爸作文 篇4


  My father is not tall, black eyebrows under the eyes of a pair of sharp eyes, I do anything can not escape his eyes, because my father often do housework when he was a child, so the body is very strong.


  My father is very courteous and accessible, but he also has a serious side, when I exam the difference, Dad would get serious, angry geological asked me: "how do you have this test is not so bad, I want to slap you?" However, when I did well in the exam, my father would say to me with a smile: "son, it's a good thing. It deserves reward. Next time I try to do better."!"


  Every time my dad came to my home, my family becomes a humorous theatre, my father often lying in bed playing with me, I do, sometimes often lie to my father's stomach, pressed him, he was not a bit angry, but also said: "in the small pack adult life, also dare not utter." What about me? Already the belly. Sometimes, I play a little too far, and my father will say, "play is play, don't play too much, it's not good, it's dangerous."."


  This is my father who is humorous, kind and serious. I like him!

英语我的爸爸作文 篇5

  My father is thirty-five years old. He is an attractive middle-age. He is an engineer, working in a big factory of my city.

  His working time is regular, going to office at eight o’clock and coming home at six o’clock. He works hard and becomes an important person in his factory.

  At weekends, he does not go to work, so that he usually stays at home or take my mother and I go out.

  In my opinion, my father is a great person. He brings happiness to my family.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇6


  My father was a long black hair, a pair of bright eyes, a big nose, is very handsome, there is a problem - love.


  Once my father came back from work, see two bottles of Wuliangye on the table, "ah dad suddenly beam with joy! Excellent! Great!" Then, Dad flew past, picked up a bottle of wine to drink, gudonggudong......" Drink one bottle in a breath, then pick up another bottle, so, two bottles of Wuliangye, there is nothing left. After dad finished drinking, he said to me, "go!"! Go to the thousands of Ke Long supermarket with me, I'll buy you a car!"


  When I came back, Dad riding a crooked, I was very scared, my father urged to ride, dad said: "ok! Nothing!" And the car hugged the earth. "Aigo......" My butt was smashed and my father worried and asked me, "well, did you drop it?"" Looking at Dad's worried look, I had to say, "nothing."!" I then faltering said: "Dad, you don't drink after -" Dad lowered his head, said: "okay!" I smiled as I looked at my father.


  This is my father. I love my father.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇7

  My father is a man of devotion. Every morning he gets up the earliest to make breakfast for us. In the evening, he is always the late to come back home.

  At weekends, he always takes us to go outing in his car. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me “A little learning is a dangerous thing”. I will always remember these words.

  I love my father very much.

英语我的爸爸作文 篇8

  My dad is a tall and handsome middle-aged man. He has big eyes and short hair.He is a bus driver . He is strict with me all the time, but when I finished my homework, he'd be glad to take me out to play. Most important of all, he loves me and mom very much.

  Of course, I love my dad very much.