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五年级英语作文 篇1

  My holiday was very interesting. I did my homework on first day. I played tennis on second day. I watch TV on the third day. I went to shopping on the fourth day. ?I ..... but i like going shopping best. On Sunday,I went to a shopping mall was very big. There were all kinds of things.Everyday a lot of people go there to buy things .I was helping my mother to buy things. ?I had a shopping list in my hand. We were looking for things on the shopping list. After staying in the shopping mall About two hours. We got all the things and back home. I have a good holiday!

五年级英语作文 篇2

  I have many friends, and my best friend is my neighbor. He’ name is Li Hua, he is eleven years old. He is tall. He likes playing football. After school, we often play football together. He has a dog, he walks dog every day. I like to play with him.  我有很多朋友,而我最好的朋友是我的邻居。他的名字叫李华,他11岁了。他很高。他喜欢踢足球。放学后,我们经常在一起踢足球。他有一只狗,他每天都会去遛狗。我很喜欢跟他玩。

五年级英语作文 篇3

  Last year,I had a good holiday in Dalian,I went to the summer camp with my brother.It was such a wonderf journey.I played the water with my brother.And in the afternoon,we had lunch on the grass.Our food was made in the fast food restaurant.It was so delicious that my brother and I all liked it.And in the evening,I finished my homework,then I helped my brother study the English grammar.Then we went to bed . What a beautiful day!But we couldn’t stay there for a long time.So I decided that I must study hard and then go into the universities in Dalian.

五年级英语作文 篇4

  After a thunderstorm, I opened the door, a cool and fresh air blowing.

  Out of the house, I came to the park, exquisite petite girls are wearing a white T-shirt and sky blue skirt, playing in the shade. Pond, lotus opened, pink pink, swaying with the wind. Green and green leaves floating on the water, like a big disc. Small frogs sitting on the plate, leisurely "quack" with, as if to say: "Hello, hello, how are you?"

  At noon, the sun rose to the south, emitting a dazzling light, people think clothes like a fire. Cicada hot "know know" desperately called.

  Home, sweat has long been wet through my short-sleeved shirt. I went straight to the refrigerator, took out a big watermelon, cut to eat, cool and so sweet, cool!

  Ah, beautiful, hot, cool ice, sweet summer!






五年级英语作文 篇5









五年级英语作文 篇6

  The ancient said the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. I like travel, because travel not only allows me to enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also brings me knowledge and exercise. Beautiful sceneries make me impressed and friendly people make me warm. Travel is a process of discovery of beauty that would company my whole life. I like the feeling on the road, which greatly enrich my life and fields of vision. Being to different places, seeing different views makes me know how big the world is, so that I won’t bother my trifles. I think a broad mind is extremely important to a person, and traveling is a good way to get it. Maybe some people would say that I travel just because I want to relax. There’s no doubt about that. No matter for what reason, traveling is attractive to us all.

五年级英语作文 篇7

  I want to have a lot of fun at Christmas.

  First , I want to buy a lot of presents including a nice Christmas tree .

  Next , I want to put some pretty things on the Christmas tree and put some presents under the tree.

  When Christmas Eve comes, I will put a stocking over my bed and wait for my presents, such as some storybooks, a nice car, and so on.

  On Christmas Day, I want to get up early and open all my presents. In the evening, We will have a big dinner. I want to eat a big turkey and some Christmas pudding.

  I think I will be happy on that day. I like Christmas. What about you? Do you like Christmas?

五年级英语作文 篇8

  My family, although it is plain, ordinary, but the four members of the family: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother are very love me.

  Since childhood, my grandfather is concerned about my care. What kind of delicious, gave me to eat, as long as I want to buy what, grandfather always follow every means, so I got the same treatment as the princess. I gradually sensible, and occasionally, I heard my grandmother said, his wife children is really big life, almost did not see the granddaughter of the.

  I begged my grandmother: "Grandpa before how, you say?" Grandmother could not help me again and again entangled, and finally said: "Your grandfather when you are not born, had lung cancer, Fortunately, early, Finally saved, but the body is not as strong as before. "I heard, tears burst into tears. No wonder, grandfather after life and death, so it is more cherish. "Because of this, I have everything down him." Grandma ed a sentence. Speaking of grandmother, do not look at her, knife mouth, tofu heart. Although the usual mouth is not forgiving, but her heart, than anyone else is weak.

  Dad is a "book fan", each time as long as a free, it will pick up the newspaper, with relish look. Once, I cried out: "Daddy, daddy ... eat!" But my father did not sound, I caught a fast pork, came to my father in front, while swinging, while said: "Dad, this is your most Eat fried pork ah! You see, more incense, go eat it. "Who knows he does not eat me this set, actually if no one else and read the newspaper. I walked angrily. Little, dad or go to dinner, I am complacent: Hey, you do not eat it? But he threw his rice bowl and looked at the newspaper. "Book fans" the title, my father really deserved ah!

  Compared to love to read the newspaper father, my mother should be more open. I have any problems, my mother always to help me answer, but also teach me, basically my study is the mother tube. I have anything, but also with my mother said, so my mother sometimes like my friends.

  I thank God, given the love of my grandfather, kindly grandmother, love to read the newspaper father, there is the opening of the mother. I am in this ordinary home will be happy to grow, I will always be the most dazzling "Pearl"!

五年级英语作文 篇9

  My Favourite Food

  Do you know what this is? Guess! Its colour is yellow. Its long and thin. It looks like a small boat and crescent. Oh, it is a banana. Do you know what that is? Guess again! Its colour is orange. Its round. It looks like a small ball and a small lantern. Oh, it is an orange. I like then a lot. I like ice-creams. I like to chew gum. Chocolates and candies are yummy. I like them very much.

  How about you? Whats your favourite food?


  My Favourite Food 是一篇很成功的文章,小作者并不是简单地列举出自己最喜欢的每一种食物,而是有详有略地进行介绍。整篇文章用词准确、语言流畅、没有语法错误。另外,文章中出现了一些生词,可见小作者是用心了。