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三年级英语作文 篇1

  Summer vacation, our family came all the way to the Spring City - Kunming. There, we had a memorable day.

  On that day, we came to the stone forest, and our tour guide said, "There is a minority to speak in particular, they called the girl Ashima, the little girl called kitten, the little boy called the puppy, The big boy called A black brother, a white brother, a flower brother ... ... "so I know a lot of knowledge.

  To the stone forest, into the door, greeted by a large stone composed of stone curtain, rolling hills like a pair of good sisters in the row of children singing songs, in the low mountains of a green lawn, There is a stone on the lawn, a closer look, that stone is also engraved with the word, which reads: as long as "love" you do not go in us

  So unknowingly, we came to the embodiment of Ashima before the stone, I saw Ashima shoulder carrying a small basket, it seems to be up the mountain flower it. The tour guide said there was a fairy tale one after another, so I let my mother in Aishima take a photo, as a memorial.

  The tour guide and took us to the conscience of the stone, the conscience of the stone is by the two towering boulders happy hold up, looks quite kind of air, I heard bad people from below, the piece of "noble" stone It will fall to kill him.

  We came to the cat to catch the mouse, the cat is looking for the mouse, the mouse is hiding behind a stone, its tail has been eaten by the cat, the cat shouted: "where are you out of death." So, the mouse to sing : "Why is every time I always hurt?" Very interesting.

  We went to see the courtesy of stone, elephant stone, wolf dog lung stone ... ... where the stone is really strange

  To noon, we go to eat, and went to food, and finally went to the hospital foot bath ... ...

  When the separation of the total separation, I have not yet got on the car, left the beautiful stone forest.

三年级英语作文 篇2





三年级英语作文 篇3

  There are a great number of subjects in school。 Different subjects teach students different knowledge。 They’re both very useful。 However, different students like different subjects。

  As for girls, most girls like art Chinese。 Maybe girls think these subjects are very interesting very easy。 But most girls usually hate some subjects like math, chemistry or physics。 Girls have a really hard time with these subjects they found out the worst report was from these subjects’ teachers。

  And what about boys? Of course, most boys’ heart are in math, chemistry physics。 So boys always get good grades in these subjects。 But most boys dislike Chinese or art。 Perhaps they think Chinese art are really boring。

  Boys girls both like English。 So English is the most popular subject in 20xx。

  At last, what’s your favorite subject? You could write a letter to tell us。

三年级英语作文 篇4

  My name is ×××.I have a good friend .Her name is Liu Yun.She lives in China .Her mather is a singer.She likes swimming.Her father is a TV reporter.He likes listening to mnsic.Liu Yun likes piaying the violin and riding her bike.Every morning ,she goes to school on foot.Every evening,she reads newspaper ai home.then she goes to bed at nine.This is my good friend Liu Yun.



三年级英语作文 篇5






三年级英语作文 篇6

  My Farm

  I have a farm in Kurle. There is a lake in the farm. There are many cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, sheep and fish. I like to swim in the lake in summer, and to skate on the ice in winter. After raining, the air is very fresh, so we open the windows and air the room. And I like the lake very much. We can have a picnic near it, and we can row a boat in the lake. There are some trees here. In autumn, the leaves turn red. It is very beautiful. I love my farm.


  My name is Liu Ziyi. I’m 8 years old. I go to Xinjiang Experimental Primary School. I’m in Class 5. My teacher is Ms Wang. I’m from China. My favorite sport is football.


  My name is Xu Dinuo. My family name is Xu. I’m from China. I go to Xinjiang Experimental Primary School. I’m in Class 5. My favorite toy is the mini-car. My favorite food is chicken. My favorite color is blue.


  My name is Li Yao. I’m 8 years old. I go to Xinjiang Experimental Primary School. I’m in Class 5. M y favorite color is blue. My favorite food is ice cream. I am “tiger”. I enjoy English and Science. And I enjoy swimming and table tennis.


  My name is Liu Tianci. I’m 9 years old. I go to Xinjiang Experimental Primary School. I’m in Class 5. I’m tall. I have short hair. I have big eyes and long legs. My favorite sport is swimming.


  Hello! My name is Yang Dong. My family name is Yang. I’m 9 years old. I go to Xinjiang Experimental Primary School. I’m in Class 5. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is hamburger. My favorite drink is Coke and my favorite thing is MP3.


  Hello! My name is Daniyar. I am a 9 years old boy. I am in Class 5. Grade 3. I am from China. I like English class. I like computer games. I like football. And I love mother and father.


三年级英语作文 篇7

  "Boom boom... "The sound of firecrackers, the New Year!

  Today is the most important day of the year, the most important day of the year, the streets are full of bustling, red and red lantern buildings. Every house has hung up couplet, lively!

  Mom and dad are preparing the New Year's eve dinner, and we're helping out. At night, quietly.

  The dinner was very rich, the chicken and the fish. But the younger brother was so happy that he ate and ate and said, "yummy, yummy", like a pig. After dinner, it's time for me to be happiest, my parents give lucky money! Ha-ha ~ time arrived, the Spring Festival evening party begins, our family is watching the wonderful program in the room, the gurgling laughter from time to time out, echoing in the room.

  After the party we went to the fireworks, a flash, the colorful ball flew from all directions, some like fireflies, some like a sparkling pearl, and like a blooming flower, we all said: "beautiful".

  The clock struck a solemn 12. The crackling of firecrackers pierced the sky. All kinds of fireworks rise, fireworks like snowflakes, like flowers.

  Happy New Year!

三年级英语作文 篇8

  I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. They are my parents,my grandparents, my sister,and I. My father and mother are businessmen. And my grandparents are farmers. I'm a primary school student. My sister is four years old. She is lovely.I love my family.

三年级英语作文 篇9

  My favourite animal is tortoise. Tortoise walk not fast. But I like the tortoise. Why? Because, tortoise is a cute animal. It have a short tail and a four short foot. It have a little head and a hard shell. They are forty-five little and cute tortoise in My home. They like to play in the water. When they afraid some thing. They wall run fast. They like to eat the fish. I often buy some small fish to them to eat. They can catch the fish fast. First, they fake(假) sleep. When the fish swim near they mouth. They catch the fish fast and bit the fish head. So, the fish die. They can eat the fish. In winter. They like to sleep in the sand. When they sleep, they don’t eat any food.Because They wall hibernation. But, when they are thirsty. They come out of the sand. So, we must give water to them to drink. I love the tortoise. I hate the eagle. Because, the eagle often eat the tortoise with it sharp mouth.My favourite animal is tortoise.

三年级英语作文 篇10

  I like animals very much. Rabbit is my favorite. I have two lovely rabbits.


  I like their round head, long ears, shorts legs and tail. Both of my rabbits are white. I think white rabbits are clean. I have to wash them every day. They like to eat vegetables. I always feed them on my hands.